Technology Showcase Portal

Our  Technology Showcase Portal (details will be posted) will be a ‘virtual open house’  that will allow us to assist and promote individual developers.   Our goal is to have this showcase supported by local companies and organizations.

We will solicit support from all various organizations to assist those who are trying to venture into the world of technology. In a local venue we will invite individuals to discuss what’s going on in the field of technology, our goal is do this virtually as well.  There are existing organizations in place and we will welcome there support and interest.


Virtually it will be a place to meet, gather and share your ideas about the latest technologies. Depending on the final design we hope to have a national presence to reserved spaces available for you to hold meetings, get individual assistance with your creative projects or to network with other visitors.  We are also trying to determine a way to showcase some creative works that are developed here.



Details of our programs are being presented for funding and formal requests will be addressed promptly.


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