We will work various professionals in the community to solicit them to mentor individuals that use our services.  Our goal is to contact corporations, user groups and other non-profit organizations to find technical personnel that are willing to share time with the users.  Individuals will be matched with mentors based on their area of interest.


For consultants and other technical resources that are currently unemployed or in-between assignments we would encourage them to spend time with us. This is will be great for those transitioning from a non-technical field, or someone trying to decide which career path to take after completing some educational courses.


To encourage individuals through networking to hear ‘real’ life experiences of those who are currently in their choosen fields.

As a small business consultant we will encourage  micro business development.

Primary Focus Groups: women, minorities, elderly, youth and dislocated workers.

We provide an opportunity for low-income households to become more self-sufficient.

Micro businesses are at the leading edge of the enterprise formation process and are found everywhere. The Basics Central Inc. will be a key part of this process.


Details of our programs are being presented for funding and formal requests will be addressed promptly.