Partner for Small Business Program


Share opportunities with small disadvantaged business owners.    These owners would include small co-ops or consultants working in the field of Business Consulting and Technology. These are not your average consultants. They have a proven track recording working with some of the leading technology and financial organizations like IBM, APPLE, State and Local Government Offices as well as national Banks.

  • Processes: Businesses have many technological components, business processes lie at its core. It can be seen as a more client-centric way of doing business, enabled by technology that consolidates and intelligently distributes pertinent information about clients, accounting, assets, risk assessments, effectiveness, responsiveness, and market trends. Therefore, a company must analyze its business workflows and processes very carefully; some will likely need re-engineering to better serve the overall goal of the business.  Moreover, these consultants will utilize a proven track record to create a plan with the most effective way to deploy it.
  • People: For an initiative to be effective, an organization must convince its staff that the new technology and workflows will benefit employees as well as clients. Senior executives need to be strong and visible advocates who can clearly state and support the case for change.  The consultants use the following tools: collaboration, teamwork, and two-way communication across hierarchical boundaries, especially with respect to process improvement. A consultant can help achieve that goal.
  • Technology: In evaluating technology, key factors include alignment with the company’s business process strategy and goals, including the ability to deliver the right data to the right employees and sufficient ease of adoption and use. Platform selection is best undertaken by a carefully chosen group of executives who understand the business processes to be automated as well as the software issues. Depending upon the size of the company and the breadth of data, choosing an application can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more. Our technology consultant partners will put the company on the right track.